5th Gala Award For Excellence in Community

The Manchester Youth Development Center Gala is held every other year and designed to be a reunion of old friends, alumni and cultivating new acquaintances who care about and contribute to helping the children in our community reach their fullest potential.

AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNITY: Reverend Brenda J. Gregg Founder & Executive Director, Project Destiny of Pittsburgh Inc.Reverend Brenda J. Gregg, Founder & Executive Director, Project Destiny of Pittsburgh Inc.

A Retired Administrator from UPMC-Children’s Hospital where she worked for 38 years. Rev. Gregg is the Founder/Executive Director of Project Destiny, Inc. which is a program that monitors inner city youth through to their college years; located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, Destiny is a safe place for youth to grow, experience positive relationships and gain a positive self-image. Destiny offers mentors, tutors, parenting and other classes, clubs, and recreational activities that will heighten student’s expectations, promote multicultural awareness, respect and promote physical, emotional and social growth and have served more than 2000+ Children and families. Rev. Gregg & Project Destiny’s collaborates with organizations like the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium to help bring the issues of wildlife conservation to our children and families. Project Destiny manages an After School Program, Destiny Camp on the North Side of Pittsburgh and a Camp at the Zoo’s International Conservation Center, Somerset, Pa.

Rev. Gregg & Project Destiny partners with Children Youth & Families (CYF). Project Destiny was the lead agency for the “Inua Ubuntu” – The Northside Village, which brings together key participants on the Northside. Destiny’s goal is to help prevent out of home placement for children and currently support teens and families dealing with child/parent conflict. Project Destiny facilitates their Destiny Girls and Boys program in several of the Northside Pittsburgh Public School.

2016 Robinson Award Winners:

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