After School Program

At a time when more children are spending the time between 2 and 6pm unsupervised, the need for quality after-school programming is great.

A quality before-school, after-school, or summer program can provide a safe place for kids and additional learning opportunities. Manchester Youth Development Center (MYDC) provides organized games and recreation activities to encourage physical fitness. Homework help and tutoring complement play activities by providing a vital balance between recreation and academics.

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The missions of the After-School and Summer Programs are:

  • Help youth improve their performance in school and facilitate graduation.
  • Individualized instruction designed to a learning progress.
  • Provide a safe place for young people to gather and learn.
  • Extend the school day both after school and in the summer months.

In order to meet our goals the After-school & Summer Program offers a research-based curriculum in math and reading.

We have three main components to the After-School & Summer Programs:

  • Homework Assistance – We schedule 45 minutes of mandatory homework support Monday through Thursday. Time is planned into each student’s daily schedule. Typically, students are able to complete their homework in the allotted time if they remained focused and working. Of course, students are encouraged to be as independent in their work as possible but MYDC after-school staff do provide assistance and strategies when needed. Although every student is different, Staff will work to help each student get as much homework completed as possible. Additionally, the quantity and the degree of difficulty can vary by grade, class, and student. Lastly, we provide some small group tutoring (Reading & Math) to help struggling learners.
  • Enrichment Component – The focus of this component is to enrich the lives of our students by increasing voluntary participation in various clubs or activities. Involvement in these activities is intended to enhance the skill level and improve knowledge of content. Ultimately, the outcomes are growing self-confidence, self-discipline, and goal setting. Actually, students are able to identify unknown talents, gift, and passions.
  • Alternative Activities – Through alternative activities, MYDC After-school expects to decrease the amount of unmonitored and unstructured time by strategically increasing safe, supervised youth centered activities (free of ATOD, violence, etc).